Warm Welcome to SGM Education Group, Mahagaon.

        At SGM Education Group we strongly believe that great responsibility is entrusted on us, as educators of the modern world. Since the inception of this institution, we have been striving hard to realize the broad significance of education while designing our mode of instruction. We mentor our students to sharpen their intelligence and enable them to accomplish their aspirations. Simultaneously, we instill in them a positive value system that shapes their attitude, outlook and conduct, that provides a strong foundation for them to tackle the challenges of life.

        Over the years, we have evolved to reach and hold a unique position of pride in the education system in Maharashtra. Undergraduate and Postgraduate residing in our campus facility get full opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities leading to a holistic personality development. Apart from academic activities, the co-curricular activities, sports, adventure, cultural and social- service activities, form important parts of the life of the students.

        We procure the support of strong team of faculty members, who wholeheartedly put their efforts to motivate our students and guide them to progress at every step. In a conducive learning environment at our peaceful campus, we nurture champions, who, with intellectual brilliance and ethical excellence, emerge out as professional with a difference. With profound gratitude to God and sincere acknowledgement to all our well-wishers, we are marching ahead, exploring further opportunities for our students to learn and grow. We welcome you to the portal of this academic environment to have a unique educational experience.

         Freshers are requested to visit our portal regularly to undergo memorable, meaningful and rewarding tenure and develop as world-class professional. I would urge students to be good human beings and worthy citizens of this great country, India. Seniors shall be part of  new academic session with renewed vigor and dedication. We would be privileged to welcome you all to come and visit our SGM campus at Mahagaon, Dist. Kolhapur.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Yashwant A. Chavan
Sant Gajanan Maharaj Education Group, Mahagaon

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