Establishment Year : 2008 DTE Code : D6442 MSBTE : 0965

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Sant Gajanan Maharaj Rural Polytechnic Mahagaon

Tal- Gadhinglaj Dist- Kolhapur 416503
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Consultancy and Service work

Details of Consultancy and Service work

SR NO Consultancy Project No. Department Type of Work Date/Year Customer Revenue Generated in INR
11/ME/2015 Mechanical Engg. Turning Jobs 13/05/2015 PRA Engineering Gadhinglaj 37000.00
22/ME/2015 Mechanical Engg. Fabrication work 15/06/2015 Vishwnayak Contractors & Consultancy 20000.00
33/EE/2015 Electrical Engg. New building layout plan 22/9/2015 SGM Management 41000.00
44/ME/2016 Mechanical Engg. Turning Jobs 04-08-2016 Sainath industries Kolhapur. 41000.00
55/ME/2016Mechanical Engg. Fabrication work 20/03/2016 Desai Engineers & Contractors 118417.00
66/EE/2016 Electrical Engg. Hospital Maintenance 07-12-2016 SGM Management 106373.00
77/CO/2016 Computer Engg. Corporate office development 18/8/2016 Madalgi Jwelers,Gadhinglaj 50000.00
88/ME/2017 Mechanical Engg. Training 18/03/2017 Vocational Training Program(VTP) 604170.00
99/CO/2017 Computer Engg. Networking and lab establishment Phase-1 25/4/2017 Bharari Digital Solutions Pvt.Ltd,Mumbai 190000.00
1010/ME/2017 Mechanical Engg. Fabrication work 08-05-2017 Desai Engineers & Contractors 40000.00
1111/CO/2017 Computer Engg. 3 months training on Industrial accounting with taxation 30/11/2017 MECD 80000.00
1212/EE/2018 Electrical Engg. Wiring SGM group 01-04-2018 SGM Management 44400.00
1313/CO/2018 Computer Engg. Networking and lab establishment 02-01-2018 Bharari Digital Solutions Pvt.Ltd,Mumbai 340000.00
1414/CE/2018 Civil Engg. Concrete Cube Testing 03-10-2018 Desai Engineers and contractors 5000.00
1515/CE/2018 Civil Engg. Total station survey at village area 25/4/2018 V P Construction 20000.00
1616/CE/2018 Civil Engg. Brick Testing 14/07/2018 NR Construction 4000.00
1717/CE/2018 Civil Engg. Soil Testing 18/10/2018 Vishwnayak construction 2000.00
1818/EE/2018 Electrical Engg. New layout of Solar system 15KV Hospital 11-03-2018SGM Management 150000.00
1919/CO/2019 Computer Engg. Government exam conduction (Mega Bharti exam ) 30/01/2019 Maharashtra Government 217000.00