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SGM Central Placement Policy & Procedures

      The Central Placement Cell has been planning to establish to cater the needs of students to face the competitive job market. A student counseling and interdisciplinary career service has become the need of “Hour”, for the students completing the course in wide variety of discipline. SGM education group at present recognized for educational excellence in the fields of pharmacy, paramedical, nursing, Ayurveda, health care, education ,Engineering and also in the Research & Development as well as in socio-economic equality.
The motto of SGM is “Stay in Rural and place in Global” and is to provide learning blended with excellence, to create leaders of tomorrow. The dynamic and constantly evolving academic programmers reflect SGM’s commitment to stay in tune with the expanding frontiers of knowledge worldwide. The extra-curricular activities are also treated with equal importance towards overall development, making students to take on challenges faced in the competitive corporate world.
The Mission of the central placement cell is to create an ambience in which new ideas and creativity flourishes. We, at the central placement cell are the official arbitrators for campus placement in various organizations, corporate world, industries, and private sectors. The Chief Placement Officer (CPO) in consultation with the SGM management representatives, Departmental Placement Coordinators (DPC’s), Institute-wise Training Placement Officers (ITPO’s), Placement office staff and the students handles various crucial tasks of central placement cell.
The central placement cell is the team of CPO, DPC’s & ITPO’s that consists of Placement Officer who primarily co-ordinates activities on two paths of campus placements & co-ordination with industry/ institute & company HR and to execute student employability enhancement. The placement office is well equipped with excellent infrastructure as mentioned below to support every stage of the placement process,

  • End to end online system for recruiters and students.
  • Auditoriums of sufficient capacity to conduct pre-placement presentations.
  • Interview rooms.
  • Fully computerized office.
  • Infrastructure to support online and written, screening tests


      All interested students graduating or completing course from the SGM allied institute are eligible to participate in the placement activities. Eligibility criteria communicated by the companies shall apply on a case-to-case basis.


Student central Placement Cell: A body consisting of the institute-wise Placement Officer, departmental faculty coordinators, and the Student Placement Committee.
Category of a company: The classification of a company is based on the criteria of pay package and work profile.
The offer of a job: If a Student's name appears on the final shortlist declared after the Company's process through the Placement Cell, then that would be considered an offer to the student.


A student can participate in the placement process of a company subject to the following conditions:

  1. The placement cell has confirmed his/her registration,
  2. She/he meets the requirements /eligibility criteria specified
    • by the company and
    • by the policy.

Offer of a Job

  1. The company shall provide the offer letters to the Cell and not directly to the students.
  2. When the Cell receives an offer letter from a company for a student, it shall communicate the same to him/her.
  3. The Cell shall also declare a time period within which a student would have to inform the Cell regarding his/her decision on the offer. If he/she fails to do so, it shall be assumed that the offer has been rejected by him/her.
  4. At max, a student can have only two job offers and thereafter is considered out of the campus placement process.
  5. When a student receives a second offer, i.e., in the case of up gradation, then the previous offer automatically stands rejected.
  6. If a student participates in the placement process of a company, then he/she cannot leave it in between. If such a case arises, then it will be deemed as a rejection of the offer and the student is out of the campus placement process.

Placement Procedure for Companies

  • Companies are invited through e-mail and phone calls. A hard copy of the Brochure is also sent for the same purpose.
  • Companies interested in recruiting SGM students must fill up the Job Announcement Form (Response Sheet), indicating that they have accepted the Policy and the placement procedure adopted by the Placement Cell. Information gathered through the medium of the Response Sheet is as follows:
    1. The declaration of a compensation package.
    2. Confirmation of campus visit, and preferred dates.
    3. The procedure to be followed during the campus recruitment drive.
    4. The Job Profile(s) & designation(s) offered.
  • The company/organization should confirm or negotiate their dates with the Cell.
  • Pre-placement talks are held at the Institute during which the companies shall make presentations about their operations and job profile(s) offered.
  • The company is required to furnish the final list of selected students soon after the completion of the selection procedure, on the company's letterhead, duly signed. We register a job against the selected students and thereafter they may or may not be allowed to appear for other companies' interviews, as per the Placement Policy.
  • The company shall send or hand over the offer letter only to the Placement Office/Officer within a set time-frame and with mutual understanding.

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